First step

This is my first step toward this board communication field. I am not a native English speaker so, be patient.
This is a place to share and myself with my old friends and get to know new acquaintances.
Welcome everyone with good heart and intentions. I am living in Japan, Tokyo, for almost 5 months now. Was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in March, 14th, 1960.
Now we are in a strange spring…still cold in Tokyo…windy and wet weather. Maybe it is because it is time of changing. Ozone holes, human kind, individuals…everything i can think about is changing now.
I have been locked home for these past months…just a few freelancers job.
I came to Tokyo to look after an old (86yrs old) friend of mine. He used to be a great man with a warm heart. Now he is fighting against Alzheimer disease and having a hard time because of it. Anyway, i am learning a lot with him about myself. This is a generosity practice and i am glad to have the opportunity to help someone pass though this bridge which will take him slowly to the other side of life.
I have 5 kids and 1 granddaughter living in Brazil and I am trying hard not to think much about it. Must be here now….Be here…Now…always. That is the thing!