Malin Letter of reference

Malin Valpassos Motta, Holistic Psycotherapist

Address:Estrada do Pontal 1900, casa 19, Recreio dos bandeirantes, Rio de Janeiro.

Id card: 05312131, CPF 746874177/87
Subject: Letter of reference, Sandra Ebisawa

I have known Sandra for over 20 years. We attended Angel Vianna School and graduated together as contemporary Dance and Body Expression majors in 1988.

After graduation we worked together on many projects, to include a debate forum pertaining to childbirth and reflection in which 45 professionals were invited _ doctors, psycologists, nurses, therapists, etc _ taken place at Rio de Janeiro State’s University (UERJ) in Rio de Janeiro, September and November 1994.
Sandra worked  as a body therapist especially as a Doula, coaching women through the whole process of pregnancy to include prenatal care, childbirth, post partum, new born, infant baby massage and counselling for the mother, for a total of 25 years, working around her own domestic responsabilities as a mother after giving birth to all of them at home.

Sandra created and managed the website entitle “MariaMaria”, an internet site dedicated to women’s issues, which in time became a well-known NPO.
I feel very gratefull for Sandra’s profissionalism as a Doula, having learned a great deal from her through her example, hard work and partnership.
Having Sandra as a Doula, especially during labor, no doubt results in a successful childbirth.